Have you ever heard of Trenched?

Trenched United in Rock album art

Trenched is a indie rock band originally from Atlanta, Georgia and South Florida comprised of Jimmi Ferris and Andrea Zattiero. Their 1st full length album entitled “United in Rock” features Christian Solazzo, Bill Hilt,  DJ Kid Magic Rock, Joey Fatone, Sysco Kid, Jeff Beck and Hip Hop Maniac.


“United in Rock” is a celebration of life, love, heavy guitar, bass, and stories of the journey staying inspired by classic rock and roll.

Song List:

A D D Superhero

Dirty Secret


Fly My Angels

Hollywood Scars

I Feel So Outta This World


Love (Only Thing We Need)

Make The World Sing

PC Puppet

Pop A Pill

Rat Planet

Run Rabbit Run

United in Rock

Your Heart Smiled


Watch ADD Superhero on Youtube Now!Trenched Album art

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Here are some of the photos taken of Trenched @ the Fierce Entertainment Holiday Party in Orlando, Florida. Photos are of models with the Trenched custom Icecaliber guitar not the band.


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