Some things in life are irresistible


Every time I go to a art show or a artsy event it’s almost common knowledge there will be some types of hors d’oeuvres which brings me to why earlier this year I released a song called “Complimentary Cheese And Wine”.

With a jazzy driven smooth flow I thought of a good friend of mine from the early 2000’s out in Las Vegas who’s grandmother has now passed and was influential in being a African American artist that being Annie Lee. No matter what happens with friends and acquaintances and colleagues as we get older one thing remains. The good times and the memories we have.   We have to pay tribute to our friends even though sometimes we grow apart there essence lives in us forever it’s inevitable. I decided to go even further with references to Jackson Pollock, the inventor of splash art. I wanted to get into a more personal vibe on this one so speaking of spending time in the early 90s in Detroit and playing basketball at a church there Saint Cecilia, its on the west side and it was a place where the University of Michigans’ Fab 5 (Jalen Rose, Chris Webber) would frequently run us non collegiate or or semi skilled ball players right off the court and of course there was a fee to get pounced on by at the time the NCAA’s best players.

Well to conclude this blog today I say Peace and stay tuned for the new project coming out which will include “For Her” “Sci En Tif Ic” and

“Complimentary Cheese and Wine”

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During my latest travels here are some of my favorite wines:

chocolate wineThis Choco Noir wine was purchased at Chocolate Kingdom

and has a great taste and is pretty strong during the cold winter season I poured

some nice glasses and topped with whip cream #Delicious

Disclaimer: Chik-O-Sticks and Almond Joy treats are not included.

wise county wineDuring my travels through Texas this year I noticed a great vineyard in Wise County right off the hwy. at Brushy Creek Vineyards I tried the Sunset Red and it was great tasting and good to marinade the steaks in.

more wineNow this Eppa Superfruits wine was very sweet and tasty

this one here was a Pomegranate Sangria

which I at that point during the tasting had never heard of that one before.

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Science of Hip Hop Maniac


Sci En Tif Ic

Watch the  video here: Hip Hop Maniac “Sci En Tif Ic”

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Sci En Tif Ic globe

University of Minnesota 1996 Hip Hop Olympics

MC Battle Champ


The Picture above is of Slug (R-holding the mic) and Musab (L-holding his head down) of Atmosphere and Beyond. Rhymesayers Ent. This video footage was recorded in the fall of 1996 as you can see Hip Hop Maniac was wearing a red Nautica “Competition” Bubble Coat purchased from Foot Locker. This video wasn’t released until  Oct 6, 2012 by Pete Mac additional footage here of this event: Apr 18, 2015 by Intercala Records

All of the above events concerning who won the MC Battle in 1996 would of been squashed by Hip Hop Maniac except “Rhymesayers Ent.” continued to either blog, comment, or promote the throwback event without ever mentioning Hip Hop Maniac’s name, they also took a very very long time to edit the footage and release it on youtube considering they had a so called 20 year anniversary in 2016.

20 years of never mentioning people that came out supported, donated money, performed and in Hip Hop Maniac’s case actually won the battle!

Humanoid Destructo

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Las Vegas producer artist Chavaughn The Mad Hatter now goes by his real name

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CTMH  When beats matter and crisp assertive vocals to bring upliftment to ones spirit in the course of the day Chavaughn the Madd Hatter now goes by his given name Ezekiel Jabez.

ezekiel jabez vol 1

Chavaughn, The Mad Hatter – 天邪鬼 (Amanojaku) Full Album …

The Mixtape

Listen to “Societal Decay and After Life” on #TheMixtape

Ezekiel Jabez