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Hip Hop Maniac verse

After work we play, struggled all day

just to get it done my way,

living in Florida tryna find that sunshine

maybe more can be accomplished with just one rhyme,

I’m from Minnesnowta, the mic controller

money folder, balling like the Heat but my flows colder,

DJ Spank Master Boogie

not worried about what he say she say just think faster would we,

be in a place where stress didn’t exist

I put it down in the 90’s for hip hop let’s reminisce,

I was in the studio with Eminem before the deals and chronic smoke

Back in Detroit I use own a club before my pops had a diabetic stroke,

Flippin Raps, Kickin Back with Big Proof club hoppin’and partying

we use to cipher on the street corners sometimes until the morning.

I miss those days cause it was realer

You couldn’t come around true heads if we didn’t feel ya,

I use to be a mixtape pimp, before datpiff

and the internet damn near ruined the whole shit.

Peace to Elzhi he always spit that Motor City smooth shit

I Grew up in Philly where all the DJ’s ran shit

technics, breakbeats, and battles between NY always let ya know who ran shit,

when it came to breakdancers, MC’s, and block parties

biggest tour was Fresh Fest and everybody knew the words to La Di Da.

now you got skinny jeans

use to have to be a hustler now talking trash on the mic are plenty fiends,

first I was a fan, drum machines and gangster leans

Brand Nubian woke up a nation of Black teens in America to better

ourselves in this establishment

it’s not a black or white thing just show respect to the ones that started it.

EDM heads be like in the club it’s DJ so and so, fake as fvck, separating all

the genres to monetize your color blind, Donald Sterling Syndrome…

who run the game!!! A ninja A ninja … “Colorful Money”








Real Hip Hop vs Commercialized Rap pt. 1


♡ Bon Jour ♡ “Verser un peu de vin” ♡ grande chanson ♡

Spank Master Boogie “Pour Out Some Wine” parts in French

(Qu’est-ce que vous préférez Vin rouge de vin blanc?)

pour out some wine dj spank master boogie

Let’s start this blog out right by stating that we are unhappy about the

current state of affairs with senseless violence and terrorism in this world including police brutality, terrorist attack in France, Africa and anywhere in the world as well as the senseless mass homicides in South Carolina, Denver, Colorado and many other cities in the world. Please Stop!

Read more books, learn a language be a better person.

This is a blog about hip hop music and not rap music if you don’t know the difference this blog is not about Drake, it’s not about Meek Mills, or any other artist who has no concept of what hip hop is and will continue to be.

However there are some  narratives we must address before I continue on with this blog. Let’s start by stating that I got my feeble career started as a actor in 1984 when I was a kid and attending Theater School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before I was the Hip Hop Maniac I had a childhood as rough as it may have been and as happy and smooth as it may have been I always wanted to be an actor because my father was a published author in the mid 70’s and also a freelance writer, saxophone player, he was a playwright who Directed and Produced plays in which there were tours and I remember being on the road for some of the tour dates sleeping backstage actually being on stage fumbling around with what I thought was a grand performance in front of audiences that were partly unseen cause the lighting in theaters like the Guthrie Theater and O’Shaunassey from what I can remember were pretty dark.

  Well before I wanted to be a MC or a DJ/Producer or a Breakdancer I did a National TV Commercial for Sathers Potato Delites. It was filmed at Loring Park in Minneapolis, MN. I was adamant about getting seen and heard and this TV commercial covered one of the aspects cause it was narrated by an adult who wasn’t seen. Funny thing is in Theater School we didn’t study English, Math and Science we studied makeup, drama, props, improv and ballet so I see why I didn’t get the speaking role as well. But anyways back to the blog and why I decided to configure this element and attempt to relate to more people in the world a side from family, friends, fans and the social media world, here is a imprint about the person, from the person directly. 

 When the world becomes more racist, sexist, hate crime ist and every

other ist Hip Hop Maniac also known as DJ Spank Master Boogie brings the world some Colorful Money via his 2014 full length release entitled “Cotton Candy Glowsticks” featuring Yo Majesty, Cindy Douglas, Pee Deep aka Grammy, Melissa Hollick, Sabrina Charles and Pamela Severino. Producers include artist, DJ Ann Reader, Tonic Man & DJ B Sqrd..  Peace..

Glowsticks Album Cover

13 Songs – 52 Minutes