Italy based producer Ricardo Del Rio releases new album

album art Ricardo Del Rio

As ♥ Valentines Day approaches we @ Miami2Vegas have

always enjoyed house, edm and tribal music and for the kids

in class anticipating Spring Break this year worldwide.

Ricardo Del Rio has released an album entitled “The Remix Album”

RDR NJ RockStar Media Group

The Remix Album has production by Ricardo Del Rio,

Tonic Man (Richbumz Detroit), DJ Ann Reader (Argentina)

and also a song co-produced with rock band Trenched.

The Remix Album features 8 songs which will keep rave

heads nodding and clubs moving. Ricardo’s well tuned

percussion, production and DJ skill set has been heard by

many from Italy, England, Mexico, South Beach Miami. In

2018 while finishing up a recording session with Spank Master

Boogie the trap producer Yampi (From La Modelo – Ozuna

featuring Cardi B) heard a glimpse of the “For Her” South

Beach Remix song and said Ricardo’s production had so much

improved from over the years.

RDR Nikki Beach SoBe Miami

Track List:

Tonic Man Light Rays (Intro)

For Her (South Beach Remix)

Backpacks Kicks and Outer Space Kids feat. Trenched

Booty Poppin’ (Smash Remix) feat. Spank Master Boogie

For Her (Electro Version)

High Resolution (Miami2Vegas Fashion Show Mix)

Bere Vino (Italian Funk Mix)

Ann Reader Electro Dub Outro

RDR art sized up

The Remix Album is available in all digital stores! Listen now!




Interview with Ricardo Del Rio by Glitter And Stilettos

♥ Ricardo Del Rio featuring Elan Noelle & Omar Jefferson
For Her ♥


♥ For Her…The single is Available on ♥ 






Click here also to check out his new single “Happy” featuring Kelly

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