What does it take to have longevity in the entertainment business

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening, if your reading this post I would like you to really take a hard look at the reality of the entertainment business and base your life goals on these principles.


I understand the glitz and glam, the Hollywood dream and the Hollywood Scars all come with the territory of fame, longevity and a stable profitable career.

Whether your interested in becoming a actor, DJ, MC, songwriter, band member, poet, sound engineer, music producer, music publisher, publicist, promoter, video director, have a film career, wardrobe and makeup as well as assistants, finance, management, agent, lawyer or want to have your own record label. Learn from those who have accomplished success in many areas.


Success does not mean becoming wealthy in the entertainment business it’s a job description and like most job descriptions there are pre requisites to lasting and having staying power.

  1. Always keep it real with your fans and supporters. Communication is key!!
  2. Not every job is a paying job but in the entertainment business we know the media loves to see us work for “FREE” have standards and ethics.
  3. Would you bring your friends or family to your job? Probably not. Don’t do it in the entertainment industry either.
  4. Social media is the best way to engage your audience and potential career advancements.
  5.  Never sacrifice your integrity for a dollar unless your living conditions are so bad the idea of freedom means sell your soul to the devil and proceed to bleed the public of whatever leftover happiness you can garnish from being rich and famous while most are unhappy and filing bankruptcies.
  6. Always remember the jobs most people wouldn’t do in the entertainment industry are always open and available.
  7. And no matter how many hours a week it takes to make it happen. Do it.  Never give up!

Here is a motivational story for anyone who is considering giving up or is having a hard time in life reaching your goals.





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