Trenched Band in the studio gearing up for new spring release

Following up to the extended deluxe single “Highest Level of Intoxication”
Trenched is writing more songs, recording and working hard. The group features lead singers Jimmi Ferris & Andrea Zattiero.
Trenched Highest Level of Intoxication jpg
Track 1. Thick Shake
Track 2. Thick Shake (Instrumental)
Track 3. Thick Shake (Acapella)
Track 4. Dick Shake (Explicit)
Track 6. Pay My Soul (Reprise)
This is a parody song in response to the Kelis “Milkshake” song originally produced by Pharell and has the Trenched Rock & Roll feel staying in tune with there edgy yet smooth sound.
While staying focused and performing bi-weekly at Collier County Choppers Bar in S.W. Florida the band performed a song they had been working on entitled “Hollywood Scars”
Photo Taken at The Ranch, Fort Myers, Florida by Chris Creations Photography
For all show bookings and reasonable offers contact

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